Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, I'm ten posts in now.  Seventeen Facebook friends gone and two people already stopped following the blog so it seems as good a time as any to see if I can elicit some feedback from you fine individuals!

Any commentary on post length, subject matter, frequency, ect. would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading and thanks for your thoughtful consideration!


  1. My best advice is post anything and expect nothing back. The reality isn't that grim, but it takes some times before you get regulars reading and interacting on the blog.

    Some people say you should follow more people or comment on more blogs or join blogging groups, and I suppose that doesn't hurt, but usually it's just a matter of time before like minded individuals find their way over and check your stuff regularly.

    Even people with 400+ followers post stuff for a week sometimes without a comment, while other people have 15 followers and get over 10 comments per post. I'm not sure there's a formula, although nudity or tales of horrible past experiences seem to be the most popular, followed by food blogs. But political and religious/atheist blogs do okay.

  2. Thanks so much for your insights, Bret! I'm trying to find a balance between rage and enlightenment and get out my thoughts without pissing off too many people that I care about. Not entirely sure that's possible but we'll see...

  3. Hi! I love your writing style. Your political posts are sometimes a bit over my head, but I enjoy reading your ideas on religion. I am horrendously inconsistent with my reading of blogs, mainly because I'm aware that I can get very time-consumingly involved... So please don't take any lack of interaction on my part as lack of interest! I admire anyone who manages to write a regular blog, especially when it's about such important issues. I haven't even got around to contributing anything to ours yet! :D Keep up the good work!

  4. Not sure how familiar you are with my blog, but I clearly don't care if I offend people (I kind of enjoy the odd hate mail, to be honest, great fodder for posts). But honestly, you can easily not offend anyone, especially since you'll be contrasted against people who are going out of their way to be crude.

    Then again, some people are just offended by asking simple questions or even suggesting that their imaginary comfort blanket in the sky isn't real.

    I'll probably check in regularly because I'm slowly growing tired of name-calling contests with atheist conservatives (I was frankly shocked to see how many there were... who knew you could get one thing like so right and another so wrong?).