Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Reason Rally, Part III: Conclusion and Take-Away

So after hours on a bus and hours of sitting in the rain, communing with other people because we, as Tim Minchin said, “all don’t think something similar”, in the end, what can we take away from this gathering?

As Reason Rally speaker and blogger, Greta Christina stated, “We are not angry because something is wrong with us; we are angry because something is right with us.” I think many non-believers have been made to feel that there is something wrong with them. After listening to the speakers at the Reason Rally, I know that Greta Christina is correct and all secularists should aim to keep that in mind. We are the ones whose conclusions are based in fact.

I have considered myself an atheist activist for several years now. I started a secular parenting group; I am an assistant organizer for an atheist meet-up; I have volunteered for skeptic organizations. I have donated money to numerous secular organizations. I have blogged and I have conversed and I have argued. Despite all of that, I often feel like my efforts do no good. I am one fish in an ocean and most of the other fish are swimming the other direction. I lose my hope. The Reason Rally restored a good deal of it. It restored my belief that all of these things I am doing are the right things to do. I have renewed confidence in my country and in the possibility that it can be the kind of place I want my child to grow up.

I feel inspired to speak out, to refuse to hide, to never let false information go unchallenged. I feel empowered that I can make a difference. I can help pave the way for genuine progress. I can make the world a more peaceful, more loving, freer and more reasonable place.


  1. I just read all three of your posts and really enjoyed your summary and analysis, and sharing of the personal meanings to you. I'm so glad to have shared this experience with you and share many of your sentiments. I'm so glad I went too.

    1. Thanks, snicketmom! I'm glad I was able to share it with you as well. Cheers!